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Feb 22, 2022

The saying goes, if you build it, they’ll come, but what if you built it and no one came? You get stuck wondering if what you built isn’t good enough, if you’ll have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the word out or spend every spare second of your life creating new content on social media.

Wasted time, money and effort is defeating at all levels of business which is why Lisa Simone Richards works with online coaches to break through the noise and get seen online everywhere.

Through her free workshops, masterclasses and mentorship program, she gives entrepreneurs the insider secrets on how to get exposure and reach more people without spinning their wheels on social media or wasting money on Facebook ads.

Her clients learn the lather-rinse-repeat formula for more visibility which makes them more sales. They go from invisible to in-demand getting interviewed on top podcasts, partnering with big names in their industry and building their authority expert status getting featured on major media like FOX, NBC, Forbes, Inc., and more.

In today’s episode Host Lisa Pezik sits down with Lisa Simone Richards to discuss:

5:00 why you don’t want to be a best kept secret

6:00 why PR is rarely a one and done and why landing a big publication like Oprah or Forbes may not be THE best way to put money in your bank account

7:30 the ABCs of visibility 

10:30 why you need to figure out your visibility first

11:20 what role social media plays for businesses just getting started

11:45 how to pitch yourself as a guest on any platform

13:45 the ladder of publicity: three types or publicity you need to consider and in which order to execute

20:05 the don’ts of public relations

22:55 why it’s good to be bored of your own content

26:10 how consistency builds the know, like and trust factor across all platforms

Links from today’s episode:

FREE 2-Day Get the Word Out Workshop

FREE Perfect Pitch Podcast Template

FREE Quiz: How Should You Get Visibility Online as a Coach

6-Month Online Visibility Accelerator Mentorship Program

Work with Lisa Pezik:

If you’re looking to grow your existing company, we’d love to help with your digital content at Sign up for the course and learning style you prefer best here. 

If you loved this episode and want to learn more about and from Lisa you can order one of her books here. That’s right, Lisa is a best-selling author and has written two books: “Women Who Illuminate” and “The Beauty of Authenticity.”