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Jun 28, 2018

In this episode, we do a self-assessment of the JOY in your job.

Does your job jeopardize your health or support it?

Does it make you jump out of bed?

Do you own your time?

Do you get yearly or daily raises?


You can turn your passion into profit. Let me show you how!

Jun 21, 2018

When you’re using the CTA framework, you never feel icky about asking for the sale. In this episode, I share my CTA steps:

C- “Can I do this?” You must make your ideal client imagine the possibilities

T- Teaching and Time- You must teach them something and give them a time frame to go implement

A- You must answer...

Jun 14, 2018

2 years ago, I went into fear mode. I didn’t feel I was enough in business, so I hoarded books, courses, podcasts and spent my time in learning mode more than action mode. It wasn’t until I started implementing a weekly review that I realized my progress, my strengths, and my next action steps. I didn’t need...

Jun 7, 2018

Only you can decide when you tap out of the things in business and health that you know you need to do. Our mind wants to protect us from feeling silly, uneducated, and mediocre.

In this episode I talk about an instant mind flip to change your perspective from I can’t to I CAN using the MIND principle. The MIND...