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Feb 26, 2019

Diane Halfman worked undercover for the San Diego Police Department for 10 years as an undercover prostitute catching serial killers. She had to stand in her power, listen to her intuition, and think and act quickly or it was life or death. She’s the creator of the SPA Life (Seek Power Always.)



In this episode,...

Feb 20, 2019

Often times I’ve felt powerless when I read or watch the news. I’ve hoped someone else would be a leader and make change. That was until I realized that the work I do, makes change. Helping you amplify your voice and get online with a course, program, or coaching package can shift the culture.



There are three...

Feb 12, 2019

Being a creator comes with its challenges. In this episode I talk about how to not fall into the trap of:



  1.    Creating a product or service someone else tells you that you should.
  2.    Trying to speak to everyone and reaching no one.
  3.    Giving up too soon on a promotion or launch
  4.    Lowering your price too soon

Feb 5, 2019

In this episode, Kerry Mensior, retired sergeant with the San Diego PD, and CEO of The Audience Whisperer breaks down how to effectively communicate. Whether it’s with the 4 Cs: Community, Colleagues, Co-Habitants or Commerce(business), you have to:



  1. Be intentional (speak in the language they hear)
  2. Set boundaries...