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Feb 26, 2020

What does success really look like, and how does self-love lead to it?

That’s the question my guest this week, Tara Ann LePera and I unpacked.

As a mom of 4, wife, and entrepreneur with a message of self-love and belief, Tara had to navigate life as a young single mother, dropping out of school, and moving multiple...

Feb 19, 2020

The landscape for women can be a tough space to navigate. Whether it's business, motherhood, friendships, or any type of connection, we can either feel disconnected or guarded.

This week on the podcast, I had the three ladies of Inspired Purpose Coaching on to share how they collaborate, lean into their values, what...

Feb 16, 2020

Amy Broccoli helps athletes realize their true potential and builds solid communities of growth and support.

In this latest episode, Amy and I talk about:

  • How being different was her secret edge
  • The adversity she’s faced going against the grain
  • Starting two businesses
  • Competing as a world class weight lifter


Feb 10, 2020

After the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Facebook was an extremely judgemental place.

Everyone had an opinion about the show, and the way it should or should not have been presented. 

I couldn't help but realize how much this is the same for personal or company brands.

Living in a digital age, everyone can post a review or...

Feb 3, 2020

Forty pounds overweight, prescribed drugs from her doctor, and feeling overwhelmed and misaligned, Penelope had to make a decision...stay on this path or start again.

Penelope chose to start again, learned how to give meaning to her experience, and embrace a new way of eating, a new business, and a new mindset.

In my...