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Oct 25, 2021

Through a mental health breakdown that turned out to be her biggest blessing, Elvira Hopper, Founder of The Love Your Vibe Transformation, left behind a 20 year, 6 figure, award-winning big pharma career to live her most aligned & authentic fully self-expressed BEST of mental health & marital struggles in her late 40's. Her transformation led her to miraculously becoming a pro jazz artist at 51.

She has performed & recorded on world class jazz stages with and for celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey's beloved, Stedman Graham. Elvira doesn't work a day in her life as all she chooses to do is in her joy & genius zone. She believes we could create 'heaven-on-earth' if we ALL lived 'aligned, authentic & fully self-expressed'!

In Episode 204 Lisa and Elvira sit down to discuss: 

1:50 how to create boundaries around your energy

4:40 what it looks like to be fully aligned with your authentic self

6:40 what it looks like to call on your highest self

13:30 what happens when we are out of alignment with our true selves

16:20 why we get bullied as adults

18:30 the good that can come from rock bottom

20:05 how to be humble but fierce

24:00 why sound healing may be the way you can finally unlock the power of meditation

28:00 how to get into a good headspace

29:33 what people want to see instead of “perfect”

If you are ready to live in alignment, to love your vibe, to stop living in fear and want more time with Elvira, make sure you visit her at or follow her on social @evhopper and @theloveyourvibetransformation.

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