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Jun 22, 2020

In her mid 30’s, Jen looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize herself.

She was living a dark double life as a successful CEO and addict who was in and out of hospitals and jail.

It wasn’t until she heard the words, “you need to learn to love yourself” that she was able to get clean and take back her life.

She has since become a #1 Amazon Selling Author and Coach.

In this episode we dive into:

1.   The feelings of being disconnected and how you know you’re “off.”

2.   Going from despair to hope for change

3.   How to ACCEPT help

4.   The little games we can play with ourselves for quick wins

5.   Why she doesn’t fear relapse

6.   Why it’s important to get honest with yourself

Defining Your Boundaries: The Yes/No Playbook to what you want in life is found here!

Connect with Jen at:

IG: @Jensugermeyer
Facebook: Jensugermeyerreset