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Dec 18, 2021

Have you ever wondered how to make viral videos for your business? If yes, then you won’t want to miss Episode 208 of The Lisa Pezik show, where Joseph Wilkins, Founder of, gives you his eight simple steps to build attention-grabbing viral style sales videos that entertain viewers into making an immediate purchase.

With two decades of experience, Joseph has worked with some of the biggest and best brands out there and has developed a strategy to help you use humor to go viral, make sales, and exponentially increase your business.

He is uniquely positioned to give your business the inside track with his years of experience in television and the online space, that includes hundreds of millions of views for his customers and millions in tracked sales.


In episode 208 of The Lisa Pezik Show, Joseph and Lisa discuss:


2:36 is it better to be ignored or look silly

6:31 why marketing is like a salad

10:02 how long should your sales videos be

11:37 why people stop watching videos

14:04 how to earn the right to sell

15:30 why you can't build a sales campaign around guessing 

17:01 the 8 step process

17:09 step 1 : understand who you’re talking to

21:42 step 2 : brainstorm 50 bad ideas

24:02 step 3 : scripting

28:27 step 4 : add in the comedy

34:25 step 5 : production

43:10 step 6 : visuals                                                                                                                                                                                   

Want more from Joseph? Be sure to check out where you can learn to create memorable stories that stand out and drive predictable sales. If you’re ready to start your own funny sales video Joseph and his team are ready to start brainstorming today or you can always click here for your own 8 step guide to creating your own funny video.


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