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Sep 24, 2021

Did you start your business with the idea of having freedom; time freedom, financial freedom, freedom to pursue your life's purpose? And then somewhere in your entrepreneurial journey did you start to feel anything but free? 

Vanessa Shaw, Founder of The Business Growth Academy, helps entrepreneurs get crystal clear on what freedom looks like to them and then helps them pursue it. 

In Episode 202 of The Lisa Pezik show, Host Lisa Pezik and Vanessa Shaw discuss:

2:48 what does freedom actually look like

5:03 areas where entrepreneurs spend time on the wrong things

6:52 two common times entrepreneurs feel anything but free

7:40 the difference between flexibility and freedom

11:59 - why it's important to be specific 

13:40 - the 5 freedoms that will change your life but professionally and personally

     13:40 freedom of self-expression

     16:09 financial freedom

     18:00 time freedom

     20:52 freedom of relationships

     23:22 freedom of purpose

29:36 - two main things that hold us back from being free

Vanessa shares about the million dollar question that every entrepreneur should ask themselves. Want to know what it is and how to answer it for your business? Visit to download a free copy of her book.

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