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Dec 10, 2021

If you are a visionary entrepreneur that wants to grow your impact and business in a way that is rooted in values and propelled by purpose this episode with Ashlee Sang is perfect for you. Ashlee is passionate about the small, personal, & professional changes anyone can make to improve their lives, their business, and the environment.

In episode 207 of The Lisa Pezik Show, Ashlee and Lisa discuss:

6:30 recognizing your core values and core audience when growing a business 

7:00 the impact your values have on your decision making process

8:01 why some decisions in your business are an easy yes or a quick no

9:45 strive for consistency in your business and personal life 

11:39 standing up for your values in order to stand out

12:37 how to find your companies true values 

13:14 why you should stand for your values

16:31 learning about yourself when out of your comfort zone

19:21 having the courage to go into the unknown 

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