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Dec 20, 2019

2019 smacked us in the face… hard!

We had epic collaborations, created and launched numerous products and services for clients, and fully jumped into joining our business as one.

There is no more “I”! But just when we got comfortable and in the groove, life threw us some lessons to test our boundaries and...

Dec 4, 2019

If you think you can build it on your own, you’re wrong.

There will come a time in your growth strategy where you’ll need people; A mentor, a teammate, or maybe a fellow entrepreneur.

As 2020 approaches, I challenge you to look at the collaborations in your life.

In this podcast, I talk about WHY you should pool your...

Nov 29, 2019

CEO of Directly Social, Melissa Fiestam, came on the podcast to share her top 5 tips for getting more engagement, visibility, and sales using video on social media

Melissa is a self-taught social media master, mom of 5, Star Wars lover, and rose to the top of her Direct Sales company through hard work and hustle.


Nov 15, 2019

I once heard a saying that clear is better than clever.This is absolutely true when it comes to content marketing!

If people don’t understand, they won’t buy. A confused mind always says no.

Any bit of uncertainty about who you are, what you do, or what you offer, will  stop the transaction, or they will...

Nov 13, 2019

I saw an info-graphic on Instagram that talked about the four must haves on a sales page: Urgency, Hitting Pain Points, and honestly I forget the other two as I stopped right then and there.

I believe this is the OLD way of selling...the icky, shaming, bullying, judge-y sales.

In my latest podcast, I talk about the most...