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Nov 14, 2020

Being bullied as a kid, Sensei Ashley Wood found her voice and power when she answered a flyer and joined martial arts as a kid. It sparked her to set personal goals and in her 30's become an eight-time World Karate Champion. On today’s podcast, Ashley sits down with Lisa Pezik to talk about:

  1. Getting the core of what makes a bully,
  2. How to set big goals and work hard to make them happen,
  3. What to do when you want to quit,
  4. What the evolution parts means in their business named Evolution Martial Arts,
  5. Why we can't lie to kids about the dangers in the world,
  6. How to be a better parent, spouse, and overall human.

Ashley is the Owner/Head Instructor of Evolution Martial Arts. She’s a 5th degree karate black belt and purple belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu ad holds multiple NASKA World Championships in creative forms, creative weapons, musical forms, and musical weapons.