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Jul 13, 2020

This is leadership like I’ve never heard it before. If you’re a leader, entrepreneur, CEO, boss, you'll want to LISTEN IN!

You may have heard the term “servant leader,” but have you ever thought, “what does that look like?”

From serving the nation in the Army to serving communities and teams, Lawrence Henderson knows about organizational development.

Lawrence talks about flipping the pyramid of leadership as we dive into:

1.   Championing people requires presence

2.   The vigilance of doing it “our way” vs. “my way”

3.   Why networking is digital and transactional and connecting is listening for depth

4.   How to stop micro-managing and ask about impact

5.   Why “fake it until you make it" never works and a win/win agreement aligns teams

6.   How to gain clarity around your team and how to be generous in your knowledge.


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