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May 20, 2020

Just as we’re navigating new territory with our spouses in pandemic, our pets are feeling the same mixed energy with our constant interaction.

Dr. Katie Woodley, a holistic vet, and I talk about what causes stress in pets, how we can help them cope in this time, and how to prepare for the separation anxiety that will come when pandemic is over.

Katie goes over:

1.   The signs of stress in cats and dogs

2.   Why a routine and safe space for pets is VITAL to their health

3.   How to ease separation anxiety

4.   Four natural holistic therapies that can reduce stress such as pheromone plug-ins, sleepy time tea in their food, essential oils and CBD tinctures and treats, (but there are do’s and don’t with these.)

Dr. Woodley doesn’t just “go against the grain,” she works in conjunction with other vets to give your pets the best care possible, and improve their lives, regardless of your pet’s location.

Here is the blog post we referenced and you can find Dr. Kate Woodley, her online membership, and her services at: