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Mar 30, 2020

In the midst of COVID-19, I talked to my friend Cheryl about using mindful moments and meditation.

After losing her husband to stage 4 colon cancer and being rendered homeless with 3 kids when Hurricane Sandy swept through the Jersey shore, Cheryl turned to meditation to pull her from a dark place. She truly learned how to live again.

From her experiences, she created the company Grit and Grace Meditation as an educator, best selling author, workshop facilitator, a 200 hour mindfulness/meditation and yoga instructor and 40 Hour Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher.

Listen to her wisdom as we dive into how to:

  • Stop muscling through life
  • Be a giver of peace not stress
  • See meditation as a spiritual workout that grows in time
  • Surrender to the stillness
  • Build mindful moments in your day
  • Understand the best times to meditate
  • Do a body scan meditation to drop into our body

Connect with Cheryl at: