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Nov 29, 2019

CEO of Directly Social, Melissa Fiestam, came on the podcast to share her top 5 tips for getting more engagement, visibility, and sales using video on social media

Melissa is a self-taught social media master, mom of 5, Star Wars lover, and rose to the top of her Direct Sales company through hard work and hustle.

In this podcast she shares:

  • Where her idea of an online summit came about and why she cares so much about social media. This section answers a common question I get, "How do I know when to take something online?"


  • What her first videos were like 9 years ago and how efficiency and necessity was the driver for her teaching herself how to use social media.


  • Her imperfections and how they connect her to others


  • Lastly, the top 5 tips for getting better engagement and action on your social media. These tips are incredible useful and easy noting your description, CTA, and comments.

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