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Dec 28, 2021

Amber Hawley is a licensed therapist and lifestyle strategist who works with entrepreneurial individuals and couples with the personal side of business. She is the owner of a group therapy practice in Silicon Valley, host of The Easily Distracted Entrepreneur podcast, wife, mom of three kids, and Marvel movie super fan. Amber originally worked in the tech industry but her love for people led her to pursue a career where meaningful relationships are at the center of everything she does.

In episode 209 of The Lisa Pezik Show, Amber and Lisa discuss:

5:09 the go go go hustle of entrepreneurship 

7:01 when something goes wrong in your life

7:51 hitting rock bottom

9:03 signs of burnout

12:45 hiring well before your business needs it

14:20 the never do again list

16:03 why training new hires isn’t a burden

19:40 it's not worth it, I’ll do it all myself mentality

21:10 the hiring crisis

23:02 making the space for communication  

26:37 importance of energy management

31:40 what’s happening next

Want more from Amber? Be sure to check out where she is busy helping high-achieving, easily distracted entrepreneurs with mindset & strategies to stop suffering for success. And don’t miss out on The Easily Distracted Entrepreneur Podcast where she aims to make the entrepreneurial journey less lonely and a lot more fun!

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