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Oct 3, 2021

Have you been thinking about quitting your day job and pursuing the life of an entrepreneur? Or maybe you already are an entrepreneur and you're wondering whether or not you should keep going, if it's time to quit or maybe if it's time to get an investor. If any of the above resonates true for you then this episode is for you.

In Episode 203, Host Lisa Pezik interviews Steve Hoffman, The Founder of Founders Space, one of the world’s leading startup accelerators. Founders Space was ranked the #1 incubator for overseas startups by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazines.

Steve is also a venture investor, founder of three venture-backed and two bootstrapped startups, and author of several award-winning books. These include “Make Elephants Fly” (published by Hachette), “Surviving a Startup” (published by HarperCollins), and “The Five Forces” (published by BenBella).

In Episode 203 Lisa and Steve discuss:

5:38 the number one thing that trips entrepreneurs up

8:53 the true responsibility of an entrepreneur

13:30 why you can't create demand

17:45 what your customer can tell you (and what they can't)

20:17 reasons why you should not be an entrepreneur

21:41 the only great reason to be an entrepreneur

23:49 the number one quality an entrepreneur needs to be successful

24:23 the role of a CEO

29:36 what you must do in order to secure an investor

Steve offers an incredible free gift, The 10 Commandments of Venture Capital

Want to connect with Steve more? Visit him at or connect on any of his social platforms. 





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