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Aug 26, 2021

Every one of us wants security. We don’t want to encounter danger or sudden trials that would disrupt our routine or career path. Yet, we often forget that we can’t control everything in this world. Yes, we are safe, but we may also be stuck. Does hiding aspects in our lives make us fulfilled? Join your host, Lisa Pezik, as she sits down for a conversation with Michelle McGlade about hiding our brilliance, body, and beliefs to fit society’s norms and run away from our real emotions. Michelle is a bestselling author, podcast creator, speaker, and owner of The Modern Leaders Maven. She believes success is an inside-out game, and leadership of self is the key to building teams and unlocking your next level of growth. She got an intuitive hit that people are hiding—their opinions, bodies, beliefs, genius—and it sent her on a research path. On this podcast, we dive into what we hide, why we hide it, and what steps to take to step into your next level of growth and business.