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Apr 5, 2021

Meghann Conter is THE global connector and CEO of The Dames, a unique community of 6 and 7 figures women-led businesses. The Dames is in 37 states and 4 continents and growing.


Lisa Pezik and Meghann sit down to discuss:

  1. How to avoid entering into the network witness protection with pitchy-run communities.
  2. Why The Dames’ secret sauce is running like a "reverse mullet" and why that matters to communities.
  3. The 3 parts of generosity and why it sets communities up for success.
  4. How important clarity and focus are to getting what you want and need.
  5. Why women led businesses give you a #hearton and inspire collaboration over competition.


Lisa is over the moon excited to announce that she'll be opening a Southern Ontario Dames Chapter in May! The first in Canada!