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Feb 6, 2021

When you are struck by a life-changing disaster, it’s often very easy to lose sight of what is important. It is in these times, however, that honing in to our purpose is needed the most. Rhonda Rees, an award winning PR publicist, survived a triple threat: losing everything in the Woolsey Fire that ravaged California, getting lost in the woods for an entire day and night, and her brother’s unexpected brain injury, all back to back. Her business was interrupted. How she bounced back from that serves as a lesson for us all as we navigate this life, not knowing when the interruptions will come.


In this episode, you will get both business and life lessons as Rhonda joins Lisa Pezik to talk about:


  1. The importance of business interruption insurance;
  2. Why connection and referrals are so necessary when disaster strikes and you have exiting clients;
  3. The silver lining in even the worst of tragedy;
  4. Who PR is for and not for;
  5. How PR is all about finding the right angle that’s relevant; and
  6. How to release power from material things and put it back into your own personal development.