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Dec 21, 2020

Many businesses struggle with the human aspect of it. As we strive towards our goals and numbers, we tend to forget the people that help us reach them. In this episode, Lisa Pezik sits down with Brenton Webber, a customer experience expert who helps companies and businesses focus on H2H (human to human connection) vs. B2B or B2C. He also challenges the ROI and focuses on ROXI (return on experience investment). Together, they talk about understanding the experience and transformation economy to place you ahead of your competition. Brenton also helps you analyze your meetings and what your employees are saying about what makes them happy. Plus, he also covers how to reach outcomes vs. goals, the dopamine hits that make us happy, and looking at your "bad day behaviors, " a vital eye-opening experience. Follow along as Lisa and Brenton help you understand the humanness in business and more.